Programmable Privacy & Trust DID Protocol.

Branche is committed to developing a privacy DID protocol that aims to create a decentralized data engine and establish a visual trust system.

Create a better Data Ecosystem.

Our story began with dissatisfaction with the existing ecosystem. In the Web2.0 era, data on the internet was not under personal control but manipulated by big companies, resulting in huge profits. We believe that data should belong to individuals, not monopolized by big companies.


Retake Data Autonomy.

Branche's goal is to allow people to securely control their data with the Power of ZK, LLM & DID. You can enjoy your information autonomy freely without worrying about privacy leaks and surveillance.

Zero-knowledge verification

protects the privacy and security of user data, allowing users to freely proofing data without leaking.

Autonomous data service

users can freely use their data for perks or services according to their own needs.

Decentralized data engine

data is stored on distributed nodes anonymously, ensuring the security and integrity of data.

Reimagine the User Profile Paradigm.

If you share our passion for information autonomy, join us today and become part of the Branche community. Here, you'll have the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals to create a more secure, private, and autonomous internet. You'll have a chance to participate in our technological innovation and community collaboration, and turn your ideas into reality. Join Branche, and let's start a new journey together.

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Branche Paradigm

Branche is aiming to rebuild the data pardigm from where we do not have any choice or ownership in the services of big tech. Here's what we are building.

Personal AI

Inclusive, no-censorship, autonomous personalized AI for anyone.

Second Brain

Personal augmented Brain for recalling memorizes, rewind.

Personal Data Wallet

Retake your data autonomy security from the grasp of big tech.

Decentralized DMP

A decentralized advertisement engine to distrub the web2 scene.


Proving your Authentication without leaking personal data.

Branche Everlast

Building a sustainable, efficient, decentralized data protocol.

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